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ヒルサイド赤坂デンタルクリニック Hillside Akasaka Dental Clinic
Hillside akasaka dental clinic is a clinic mainly dealing with implant treatments located in Akasaka, Tokyo. We provide dental implant treatments in comfortable space with CT and with an operation room.
We deal with not only implant therapy but also regular checkups, treating of dental caries, extraction of a wisdom tooth, orthodontics (by an orthodontic belonging to a university hospital) and whitening (by a whitening coordinator).

Policy 当院の考え方

We aim at providing long-lasting, safe and secured implant treatment. We never compromise on anything from examination & consultation to post-op maintenance. There are huge advantages of “no burden on surrounding healthy teeth” in implant treatment unlike denture or a bridge. We want to take this advantage and lessen patients who get into trouble in implant treatment as much as possible.
We also introduce top-quality German-made machinery equipment and apparatus, others focusing on sterilization and hygiene control. Furthermore, we always try to create comfortable space where a patient can relax during treatment and provide bright and calm atmosphere without sound and smell peculiar to a dental clinic. We give attention to hospitality so that a patient wants to come back again (Customer service is our first priority so that patients want to come back again).
院長の宮原 院長の宮原


Hello. I am Dr. Miyahara.
We aim at providing long-lasting, safe and secured implant treatment without causing trouble. We welcome not only patients who are going to undergo implant treatment but also those who unfortunately got into trouble after implant treatment in other clinics.
I dealt with such cases of retreatment in the implant surgery of the university hospital which I belong to and thought that I would decrease those troubles, which made me practice independently.
Let us hear about your worries on chewing, talking and other teeth problems. We look forward to seeing you.

Implant インプラントとは

Implant is an artificial component or a medical device which is placed inside a body. In the case of dental implant treatment, (Titanium) implant is placed in the bone of a jaw of where a tooth is removed and an artificial tooth is put on top. This method has advantages such as no damage to other healthy teeth, ability to bite as if the planted tooth is a patient’s own tooth and flexibility that can be used from one tooth to as many teeth as possible.


Appointment by phone 03-6441-2422
Appointment by phone 03-6441-2422

: 14:30〜16:30

Closed: Thursdays, Sundays and holidays