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This clinic was made with the idea of having both open and privacy-considered space so that a patient can relax. The two of treatment room and consultation room are clearly separated and have modern and stylish design combined with European design as well, since the director once studied in Sweden.

Machinery equipment

We introduce machinery equipment and apparatus of world’s best standards and institutes strict hygienic control.

Mirror robes and others are washed before sterilization. It’s a hand piece maker-approved German-made medical washer.
washer for hand pieces
Washer for hand pieces
It plays three roles of cleansing, oil filling and sterilization. A hand piece which touches a mouth is replaced after every patient.
A cleansed hand piece is packaged one by one before sterilization. It keeps a hand piece as good as new until treatment starts.
class B sterilizer
Class B sterilizer
After packaging, it is sterilized by Sirona’s class B sterilizer. This device can highly sterilize by European standard.
dental CT
Dental CT
By letting a patient sit on a chair, it allows no-blurry and precise photography. We introduce pulse irradiation and the time to expose to X-ray is only 2 seconds. It can simultaneously conduct panoramic shot and 3D shot.
Chair Unit
Chair Unit
The unit with modernized design and function keeps a patient comfortable while sitting even for a long time. A fully-movable arm and lights with different colors (white and orange) support prompt treatment.
We use two monitors during treatment. By displaying X-ray, actual oral cavity photos and CTs on it, more accurate treatment is realized.
Air cleaner
Air cleaner
Medical photocatalystic air filter(Medival light air by Tokyo giken inc.)
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Extraoral vacuum
Extraoral vacuum
Free Arm Forte helps to keep clean environment and protect doctors, hygienist and patients through the immediate removal in high efficiency of aerosols generated during dental procedures, such as excavation in a tooth.
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Appointment by phone 03-6441-2422
Appointment by phone 03-6441-2422

: 14:30〜16:30

Closed: Thursdays, Sundays and holidays