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When is your clinic open and closed?

We’re open 9:30~13;00, 14:30~18:30 for weekdays,
and 9:30~13;00, 14:30~16:30 on Saturday.
We’re closed on Thursday, Sunday and holidays.

Can I have an treatment without appointment?

We may consult you when there is no appointment, but we ask you to make an appointment by phone since we have appointment-only system.

Can I use a credit card?

You can pay by credit card for free examination and orthodontic examination.

Is it OK if I have taken some drugs?

Please provide information on a medication you are taking and the medical condition.
We may change your medication depending on the situation.

What shall I bring for the first visit?

Please bring your health insurance card.

Are there parking spaces for cars and bicycles?

We don’t have any parking space, but there are coin-operated parking spaces near here.
For a bike rider, please park a bicycle at our terrace.

If I’m pregnant, can I be treated?

There is no problem about it.

From what age can I be treated?

There is no age limit in this clinic so we provide treatment for small children as well.
A baby starts to teethe around 6 months old and gets a full set of baby teeth at the age of 3 years.
We recommend that you should have dental examination by the first birthday because teething period is a very important.

Is it OK to bring children together?

There is no problem, but please tell us about it on the phone beforehand.

How much is the amount of X-ray radiation? Is it safe?

Yes. It’s within safe limit.
The CT that we use needs little time and a few parts to take photos of, which means less exposure to radiation.
It’s about 11μSv/second, and irradiation time is about 2 to 7 seconds according to photographing part and treatment.
When you make a round trip between Tokyo and New York, it’s about 110μSv/second, which is much, more amount of irradiation.


Appointment by phone 03-6441-2422
Appointment by phone 03-6441-2422

: 14:30〜16:30

Closed: Thursdays, Sundays and holidays