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Aim of Hillside Akasaka Dental Clinic is long-lasting treatment without post-op troubles and a comfortable space to which a patient wants to come back.

At the university hospital, I had seen so many cases when a treatment was unsuccessful or a condition worsened due to treatment that was not optimal. We believe that such disadvantageous retreatment can be decreased if a patient receives implant treatment from dentists who have both reliable techniques and knowledge from the beginning rather than having retreatment.

This idea also corresponds to other treatments than implant. We explain with not only X-ray and CT photos but also the photo of an actual oral cavity in all kinds of treatment. We think a patient is able to understand what kind of treatment it is and choose from treatment menu by looking at a photo of an inside of the patient’s mouth him/herself so that the patient may have an interest in maintenance afterword as well.

photos in the hospital

We want to change the image of implant treatment

Photograph during treatment

Implant has once been the object of bashing through media. However, it is very effective therapeutic approach if a dentist conducts the procedure with proper implant, technique and knowledge.

There are huge advantages of “no burden on surrounding healthy teeth” in implant treatment unlike denture and the bridge. We want to take this advantage and lessen patients who get into trouble in implant treatment as much as possible. We will try hard with great responsibility so that a patient thinks implant is not something to be afraid of.

A comfortable environment without a dentist-like atmosphere

We have only two private rooms for treatment. This is a calm and relaxed atmosphere without sound and smells peculiar to a dental clinic. An appointment is required so a patient doesn’t have to wait long. All staff members will welcome patients with hospitality and try to create space to which a patient wants to come back, just like a café.

photos in the hospital photos in the hospital


Appointment by phone 03-6441-2422
Appointment by phone 03-6441-2422

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